Community Matron talks health with Men United

20160615_111748Members of the Men United at Ovenden Park Group were paid a visit by Community Matron, Sheila Kalanovic as part of Mens Health Week 2016.

Sheila’s presence was well received by the group and following introductions she began by talking about her role of Community Matron for Calderdale for 16 years and how she has had a focus on men’s health for 15 of those 16 years.

She explained how the monitoring of men and women’s health differs with men rarely monitored and only when already Ill or showing signs of becoming ill (also down to individual choice, masculinity etc.) as opposed to women who seem to be monitored more frequently with a number of tests available.

Following on from the talk it was over to the group members who then took part in a quiz based on Men’s Health with a fair few surprises when it came to revealing the answers.

Men United and Halifax RUFC member, Grayham Smith said:

“The group was set up to attract men who may be lonely, depressed and in need of company to get together with like minded people and the visit from Community Matron Sheila Kalanovic was thoroughly enjoyed by a receptive & fully involved audience.

She spoke in compelling terms about the merits of maintaining a healthy diet and social contact as well as the benefits of proper healthcare.”

As well as a quiz and informative talk, Sheila offered advice on eating healthy whilst the group tucked in to a varied selection of fruits and snacks and she also shared techniques for sleeping better in order to gain a good amount of sleep per 24 hours.

The group gained some valuable information from the session and not only that but the talk has also inspired the idea of starting walking rugby and walking football amongst other ideas.

Find Men United at Ovenden Park on Facebook for more information.


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