Ash Green Junior Wardens tackle speeding

Ash Green Speed ChecksHeather Stout, from the Mixenden Initiative, arranged for Junior Wardens from Ash Green Community Primary School’s upper and lower sites, to go out with the speed camera to get an idea of how road users are driving in the area of our local schools.

Joined by PCSO Alice Cordingley and PC Butterfield from West Yorkshire Police, the session began with Junior Wardens from the Lower Site using the camera on Mixenden Road where the majority of the drivers were responsible and received a thumbs up as they passed, with the not so responsible drivers getting a thumbs down!

It was then onto the Upper Site where Junior Wardens carried on where wardens from the Lower Site had left off for the second half of the session. Again, most road users were responsible and kept within the speed limits whilst a small number drove in excess.

One thought on “Ash Green Junior Wardens tackle speeding

  1. Speeding is an issue on all the side roads definitely in Woodbrook Avenue .an Woodbrook Road and on Mixenden road particularly after and before the school I notice it on.numerous occasions whilst waiting for buses. Private cars, taxis, works vehicles doing over 20 mph and lots over 30 mph. Children can do monitoring to show them how it is done, but they cannot stop these stupid, selfish drivers. Your comments please and some action.

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