Park & Warley Our Communities Award 2016: Young Person of the Year – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Angus MacGregor (Hope Reclaimed)

Angus MacGregor has recently left school and rather than head to university has taken up a few hours of paid work with Hope Reclaimed but he mainly works voluntary to support people on the margins of society.

Angus co leads Hope Reclaimed helping children and adults rebuild their self-esteem through art, music, multimedia and a homework club.

Although Angus has come from what many would consider a privileged background he has really connected with those who may have lost everything or have very little.

Hope Reclaimed is a creative arts enterprise working with the homeless, recovering addicts, ex-offenders and those living in extreme poverty to write record & perform songs.

As well as music, people also create works of art with the purpose of instilling confidence in themselves, helping them dream again and to understand the potential that they carry.

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