Park & Warley Our Communities Award 2016: Contribution to the Older Generation – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Mount Tabor Luncheon Club

The Mount Tabor Luncheon Club have spent 40 years providing lunches weekly on Tuesdays for the senior citizens of Mount Tabor whilst providing companionship, two course meals and tea.

At present there are seven helpers who give their time freely to ensure the continuation of such a wonderful tradition which says a lot for the commitment of these ladies to the community.

Forty years ago in 1976 a lady (The late Mrs France Anne Baines) felt there was a need to bring the older residents of Mount Tabor together and with the help of the local church as well as grants from the Social Services Department and five ladies in the village a Luncheon club was formed.

This has continued with unbroken service and every Tuesday 30 meals are cooked and served some of these are delivered or collected for residents who are unwell or unable to get to the church hall.

The majority of the ladies in the kitchen are elderly themselves including 92 year old Doreen Stanfield who won the Life time achievement award in 2014!!

Charges for these meals are kept to a minimum, for a main course plus desert and a cup of tea only £3.50 is charged.

At Christmas time a special festive meal is served and the local Methodist church vicar and retired Social service employee who helped with the financing of the club are invited for making this possible and for their continued support.

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