Safer Roads Policing Team visit St Michael and All Angels Junior Wardens

IMG_AS1Heather Stout, from the Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative, arranged for officers from West Yorkshire Police to visit Junior Wardens at St Michael and All Angels CE Primary School.

Local Northowram and Shelf PC, Shawn Hartley, was accompanied by PC Cox from the Safer Roads Policing Team.

PC Cox started by telling the junior wardens some of the issues he comes across whilst doing his job. This can speeding motorists, road traffic accidents, following known criminals or even farm animals!

PC Cox explained that because Calderdale is classed as a rural area, animals such as horses and sheep can cause problems on our roads.

IMG_AS4PC Cox and PC Hartley then took the Junior Wardens outside to look at the patrol car the Safer Roads Policing Team use. PC Cox explained that because he might have to travel long distances across West Yorkshire, and he sometimes has to drive fast, his car is a BMW, as opposed to the cars the everyday police officers have.

PC Cox let the junior wardens sit in the car and he explained some of the equipment he has on board. As well as satellite navigation equipment, he also has multiple radio antennas, as he is picking up information from all over West Yorkshire and not just Calderdale.

After a good look around the car, the junior wardens headed back into school to look at some of the other equipment the police carry.

Both PC’s showed the Junior Wardens, their radios, batons, pepper spray  and lastly their handcuffs and after the session the Junior Wardens thanked the officers for a very enjoyable and interesting session!

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