North Halifax Star 2016: Contribution to Culture – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Daisy Mae Fry

Daisy Mae Fry is a young artist and fashion designer from Ovenden who is currently studying at Calderdale College.

She has just held her first exhibition of her limited edition prints in Leeds and one will find its way to a Tate exhibition in the future.

Daisy has been studying art and design for 4 years, currently doing a HND course at Calderdale College with specialisms in fashion design and graphics.

She creates controversial and eye catching pieces and has always had a huge interest in fashion. She says her biggest influences are the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and photographer Terry Richardson, both two very controversial but extremely creative artists.

In February, Daisy’s work was displayed in the penthouse at Bar Fibre, Leeds – a hugely successful event which featured 3 collections of numbered and signed works with a variety of different themes as well as the chance to see the Daisy Mae’s fashion collection.

You can read about Daisy at or see some of her work on Behance at

If you’re on Twitter, follow Daisy at @Miss_Mae_96

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