10 Minutes that could save a mans life!

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening is a free NHS Screening Test which can detect AAA early and allow the condition to be monitored or treated. Most people will not have any symptoms, which means you can’t tell if you have one.

The test is available at many venues including the new Broad Street Plaza, 51 Northgate Halifax, (opposite the Bus Station) and the reason that only men are offered the test at the moment is they are 6 times more likely to have an AAA.

The test, (rather like the scan ladies have when pregnant), takes less than 10 minutes so if you don’t like needles, it will not be a problem as there is just a small amount of cold jelly and you are told the result at the end of the test so there is no long drawn out period of waiting to find out the outcome.

If you are not yet 65 you will be informed just before your 65th Birthday. If you are now older than 65 and have not been contacted, you may have slipped through the net of this fairly recently introduced scheme. If that’s the case Men over 65 can request a test by contacting the Screening Office on 01422 224204.

Ladies, it’s a well known fact that it is you who look after the health of the men in your life. This could be the most caring 10 minutes that you have ever talked him into!

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