Ash Green Junior Wardens visit Halifax Police Station

PC Ramsden and Ash Green Junior WardensHeather Stout from the Mixenden Initiative arranged for Ash Green Junior Wardens to visit Halifax Police Station on Tuesday 1 March 2016.

Met by PC Jonny Ramsden who arranged a tour of the station the first port of call was the control room, where calls are received from members of the public in need of police help and they were shown CCTV in Halifax Town Centre to learn how the police monitor any problems.

The wardens then met 2 detectives who were at work gathering evidence from mobile phones and visited the CID, who explained how they catch criminals.

The next visit was to the POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) office and the officers in there explained how they can seize assets and property of criminals who have been found guilty in court and told how in the past 11 months they have seized assets and cash worth almost £350,000!

The wardens also visited the office that writes up all the crime reports needed for evidence when a case goes to court before a final stop at the evidence store, where PC Ramsden explained that all the evidence and items the police have collected during their investigations are stored there.

Teacher Mrs Hicks in handcuffsAll the Junior wardens loved the visit, with the highlight being their teacher, Mrs Hicks, being put in handcuffs!

Thankfully PC Ramsden found his key and released her before the trip came to an end.

Thank you to PC Ramsden and all the officers at Halifax Police station for making the Junior Wardens feel so welcome.

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