Sure Start Children’s Centres require Family Learning trainers

Sure Start Children’s Centres North Halifax Partnership offer a full programme of activities & courses to all families throughout the year. This includes parents/carers who are at home caring for their children, parents/carers who are working and we are very keen to encourage more dads and male carers to join in too.

Activities are offered at a range of different times to support all families to join in including school times; evenings and weekends. All activities & courses are offered FREE or at a very low cost including any equipment or materials needed.

Throughout the year, there’s a range of informal, friendly and fun activities including:

  • Activities to develop skills and confidence
  • Family learning where parents and children join in and learn together
  • Activities that can support a return to studying and or work
  • Accredited Training

We are increasing our bank of trainers in all areas but would really like to hear from anyone who can offer cooking, cake decorating, sport and music (drumming)

If you are interested to work with us and our families and would like to know more please get in touch with our Senior Family Learning Administrator Jaime Crossley at Elland Children’s Centre on 01422 266197 or email

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