Men United at Ovenden Park

Halifax RUFC ShieldWhat do you do on Wednesday mornings? Get up at the usual time, stroll downstairs, have a bite to eat, switch the television on…. every week, just like every other day. Sound familiar?

One of the real problems around today is that of loneliness, particularly for men of retirement age and who may be single (again).  Hardly ever leaving your home and not much contact with other people are very easy ruts to get into and they can lead to all sorts of problems.

Halifax RUFC, popularly known Ovenden Park and situated just behind Moorside School, is addressing this issue and every Wednesday morning from 10am to 12pm we open our club to men who would like to “get out of the house” and socialise with a few new friends.

At the moment there are about a dozen regulars, all looking forward to Wednesday mornings and keen to share the experience and more men are needed to join us and we hope and believe that if you give us a try it will brighten up your life. Not only will you make some new friends but you will become part of the group.

There are no committee meetings, agendas and so on but what we do is enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit, talk to one another, sometimes play a few games and sometimes have a talk from a group member or an invited friend.

Each session costs just £2 but the first one is FREE. So what are you waiting for?  We hope to greet you Next Wednesday at 10am.

If you would like more details, please ring either Joe 01422 246980, or Dennis on 01422 248734 who will be more than happy to tell you all about the group

mens group

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