Mismatch, MixMatch, Positive Impact!

image2As part of the Mix Match scheme, which aims to raise awareness of crime amongst young people whilst breaking down barriers between themselves and uniformed services, a number of young people from Mixenden have attended various events and sessions on crimes and the consequences which has proved to be a real eye opener for the youngsters involved.

The sessions the young people have attended include the consequences of car crime, what prison is really like and the consequences of other crimes; such as bullying, car theft, Anti Social Behaviour and more.

Chloe Sullivan aged 16 gave her view on a session about deliberate fires, saying:

“This was the best session out of the whole lot. The staff who visited were really friendly and they were all interacting with us, which was good because we got to see it from different points of view.

As a result I would never start a fire with friends to show off because I feel strongly about the way people treat the firemen and I think it is utterly disgraceful. I would like to thank them for coming to talk to us and we really appreciate them for doing their job!”

TIMGP0047he scheme, which began only 10 months ago, has made great progress with the potential to keep on growing whilst having a really positive impact on our local communities, reducing Anti Social Behaviour along the way.

Not only have the young people attended all sessions but due to their willingness and commitment shown since the start of the scheme, they have found themselves being rewarded for their efforts through activities such as entry to the Birkenshaw Bonfire & Firework Extravaganza back in November 2014, a paint-ball trip and most recently a London visit to see the houses of parliament.

On Wednesday 8 July there will be an inter-school event taking place at the Mixenden Activity Centre which will see 64 young people from both Trinity Academy and Park Lane school get together for an epic battle as the two schools complete to be crowned the champions of the Mix Match Challenge 2015.

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