St. Michael & All Angels CE Junior Wardens meet the police

20150601_140710On Monday 1 June 2015, PC Shawn Hartley and PCSO Amy Fuller paid a visit to St. Michael & All Angels to introduce themselves to 13 new Junior Wardens.

PC Hartley explained the main duties of being in the police force and how it can affect them as members of the community and explained that because some of the Junior Wardens were now 10 years old and over, they are now old enough to be of the age of criminal responsibility and what this meant.

PC Hartley and PCSO Fuller then spoke about why they wanted to join the police force in the first place and talked about the shifts they have to work, the other agencies they work alongside and also told the Junior Wardens about some of the incidents they had attended just this week.

20150601_140221PC Hartley showed the wardens some of his equipment including his handcuffs, radio and baton and some of the Wardens tried on his and PCSO Fullers jackets to see how heavy they were before PC Hartley explained about the different sprays he carried, including one which is used to ward off dogs which might attack.

Before the end of the visit there was a question and answer session and after what was a quiet start, questions started coming back at the officers a rate of knots!

Services and staff involved on the day were Heather Stout (OMI), PC Shawn Hartley and PCSO Amy Fuller (West Yorkshire Police)

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