Park & Warley Our Communities Award 2015: Community Involvement Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Community Involvement Award

WINNER: Sharon Tyler

Our winner is a local mum who in her spare time works tirelessly to organise activities for young people in Pellon. That’s when she’s not planting fruit trees in Warley or planning various community events!

Sharon is local mum from the Pellon area who also works full time in Kirklees and during her spare time in an evening and at weekends she works tirelessly as a group leader with the Sharx youth group based at the Christ Church in Pellon.

The Sharx group is made up of 35 plus young people who meet regularly in the church to take part in organised youth activities and Sharon works with the group on a range of projects out in the community.

These projects have involved the young people cleaning up the Christ Church cemetery and planting fruit trees in the Warley village area which not only benefit the local communities in the Warley ward but also allow the young people to learn new skills.

Sharon also organises fund raising activities where the youth group raise funds for their own group and other charitable causes and also supports other Church groups such as the International group (asylum seekers), lunch club, scouts and girl guides.

As well as the above, Sharon also contributes to other activities/events in the Warley ward including the very popular West View Park family fun day.

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