MixMatch changing behaviours in North Halifax

From now until July, there will be a number of activities taking place for young people as part of the MixMatch scheme which aims to tackle ASB within North Halifax.

The project delivered in partnership in Mixenden is all about breaking down barriers between young people and uniformed services such as the police and fire service, with strong evidence to suggest that the scheme is working.

Starting in July 2014, 64 young people from Trinity Academy and Park Lane schools went head to head in a series of mental and physical challenges organised by the Fire Service, Mixenden Initiative, Pennine Housing, West Yorkshire Police and Calderdale Youth Service.

MixMatch BonfireIn November, in recognition of their efforts and good behaviour 11 young people aged between 14 and 17 attended the Firework and Bonfire extravaganza held at Birkenshaw Fire Station… see how the event went here.

This year, building on the positive impact that the MixMatch scheme is having on our communities there are plans in place for 6 events culminating in a second MixMaxth challenge between the two local schools, in July.

The upcoming MixMatch programme includes sessions that will educate young people about criminal behaviour and the consequences of offending, as well as fun and rewarding activities to get involved in.

MixMatch timetable:

MixMatch Events Table

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