Calderdale crackdown on fly-tipping

flytippingFly-tippers in Calderdale could face tougher penalties when the Council introduces its new powers to stop, search and seize vehicles suspected of waste crime.

New legislation from Monday 6 April 2015 will make it easier for enforcement officers across the country to crack down on fly-tipping… read the full story here…

Calderdale Council continues to take action to prevent fly-tipping. For example, fences are put up on Council-owned land to deter fly-tippers; and inspections are carried out at suspect premises to check waste disposal arrangements. The Council provides sufficient facilities so that residents can dispose of their waste correctly.

You can ask to have bulky household waste collected at by email to or by calling 01422 288002.

To report fly-tipping, please complete the online form here or contact the Council confidentially on 01422 288001.

2 thoughts on “Calderdale crackdown on fly-tipping

  1. First may I say that I do not condone or agree with anybody that carries out fly tipping in any shape or form but I have just returned from a trip to dispose of some unwanted items at the tip at dean clough. Having queued for nearly 10 minutes and almost at the front of a long queue I was turned away by one of the operatives who said the tip closes at 4 pm! He then closed the gates on me and a long line of traffic behind me, when questioned he pointed to the sign that says it closes at 4 pm,I pointed out that the sign is not visible to anyone in the queue until you get the gate. Obviously he was not interested in me or anyone else who had been waiting in the long line of cars. Surely the council can find a solution to this, maybe put a barrier further down the road to stop cars queuing and if the tip is busy close it at 10 minutes before closing time?
    I would not be surprised if some of the drivers just tipped the rubbish at the road side with the amount of angry drivers that drove away after wasting their time queuing.
    Concerned Tax payer!

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