Ash Green Junior Wardens visit Richmond Close Police Station

15 Junior Wardens from Ash Green Community Primary School were given a rare treat as Ward Link Worker for Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative; Heather Stout and Home School Link Manager; Anthea Hick took them to visit Richmond Close Police Station for a guided tour around the station led by PC Ian Harris on Wednesday 4 March 2015.

Pc Harris began the tour by taking the Junior Wardens for a look around the control room and an interview room before moving onto CID where he went on to explain the seriousness of some of the crimes that are investigated in the CID unit.

The original plan was to then take a look around the cells but with them being full at the time it was a plan that could not go ahead so to persevere PC Harris led the Junior Wardens to the police carpark where prisoners are transferred from vehicles to the cells holding unit.

It was in the carpark that PC Amjad Ditta from the firearms unit passed by and was on hand to rid any disappointment caused by not being able to look inside the cells. PC Ditta safely showed the Junior Wardens his Taser, Handgun and Rifle and explained that apart from his Handgun and Taser, the guns are locked in an armoury in the back of the firearms unit car.

After all the excitement; PC Harris then took the children down to the property hold, where items are held as evidence and property that is handed in to the police station is also stored.

The tour ended with PC Harris showing the Junior Wardens a locked room where riot gear is stored such as riot shields, protective clothing and helmets.

It was a day well received by the Junior Wardens who thanked PC Ian Harris for giving them an enjoyable day out which was both very informative and an experience they are likely to remember for a while.

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