Take part in the 50th Halifax Long March

This years Long March will be be taking place on Sunday 5 April 2015 and will be a 30 mile (or optional 15 mile half marathon) walk that starts in the centre of Halifax and can take any weaving route around Calderdale before returning back.

There is no obligation to complete the entire route, other than stubborn pride, and walkers can retire early at any of the rest centres or marshal points. Anyone who does retire is provided with safe transport back to the YMCA.

If you are interested in helping a really good cause then visit www.longmarch.org.uk on Sunday 1 February 2015 and download an application form or if you prefer the old fashioned way you can contact us by telephone and we’ll post a form out to you.

Simply call Wendy (walkers) on 01484 400931, or Dawn (helpers) on 01422 378143.

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