Ovenden Christmas hamper scheme 2014 winners

The Christmas hamper scheme in Ovenden proved to be a hit once again, most notably with Cardelium a local balloon and party outlet which produced 4 of the winning raffle tickets. Other winning tickets came from Bank Top Fishery, Kel’s Cafe, Cost Cutters, Bank Edge Fishery, Deb ‘n’ Hair, Med’s Express, Moorside Cafe and Mac’s Bar.

26 shops within the Ovenden area of Halifax took place in total handing out a raffle ticket to customers for every £5 they spent in store. There were 14 winners announced, some of which attended the Ovenden Ward Forum to be presented with their prize.

We would like to thank each and every individual that took part whether you were a customer in the stores, one of the store owners or even if you just spread the word of the Hamper Scheme, It all went towards helping to boost your local economy in Ovenden.

Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!!

hamper presentation

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