Illingworth Gaol and Stocks – Public Meeting

GaolThe Trustees of the Illingworth Gaol and Stocks invite you to attend their next Public Meeting on Monday 24 November in the School Hall of Whitehill Community Academy starting at 7pm.

Attendees can gain entry to the School through the bottom entrance on Occupation Lane and if you are driving you can park in the Mozley Drive car park just below the school entrance.

The Architect employed by the Trust has prepared plans which will be on view at the meeting and there will be chance for you to purchase some unique Gaol memorabilia including Christmas Cards painted by local artist, Steve Ellis, as well as coasters, fridge magnets and key rings.

The Trustees feel that the project to save the Illingworth Gaol is now at a very critical and important stage and urgently need the support of everyone so please show your support and make every effort to attend the meeting.

If you require further information, please email or find the Illingworth Gaol & Stocks Preservation Group on Facebook.

You can find out more about the preservation of Illingworth Gaol by visiting the Gaol website here.

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