FREE Adult Learning at Ryburn Valley High School

rvh courseRyburn Valley High School is offering the chance for adults over the age of 19 years to take part in FREE evening workshops or various courses over a duration of 8 weeks.


Computers For Beginners – Learn how to use your computer. Basic advice and tutoring on how to create documents, use email and access the internet.

Social Media as A Marketing Tool – Step by step basic advice to get the best out of Facebook, Twitter and other social networking applications as a marketing tool for your business or to promote your group/charity etc.

Website Design For Beginners – Create your own personal website, promote your business or market your product.

Photography For Beginners – Learn how to use your camera! Create beautiful and interesting photographs and manipulate those images using Photoshop.

Educational Computer Driving License (ECDL) – 3 modules which can be taken individually or as a complete course. If all modules are completed successfully, the resulting qualification is equivalent to a GCSE.

Each training session is FREE of charge.

A registration fee of £25 is payable if you wish to take the ECDL optional online tests, + a fee of £6.50 per test.

To book a place on one of these courses, or for more information, please contact Karen Allen on 01422 832070 or email

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