Goodbye Year 6 – Hello new Junior Wardens!

We’re always sad to say goodbye but it’s been another fantastic year working with our local schools to improve the environment for everyone to live in and enjoy.

Over the  last week Junior Wardens from four local schools have received their achievement certificates to recognise their hard work in the community.

Ovenden and Mixenden Initiative, Community Wardens and local Police officers, presented the children at Leavers’ Assemblies at Mount Pellon Primary Academy, Dean Field Community Primary, St. Michael and All Angels and Ash Green Community School.

And they have worked hard! – What with multiple clean-ups, litter picks, speed checks, gardening, and being fantastic ambassadors for the school and their local areas.

To our old Junior Wardens, thank you for your support, and we wish you all the best in year 7 and at your new high schools!

To our new year 6, we can’t wait to meet you next term! There’s lots to do!! Starting off with a public services day in Shibden Park in September, and this year will see a big anniversary for the Junior Warden programme, which started 10 years ago in North Halifax.

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